Marksman Irons, 120 W

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Vendor - Apex Tool Group

SKU - 185-SP120

Fine quality consumer mini iron
Lightweight and pencil thin
Replaceable nickel-plated copper tip
Stainless steel barrel
Heat and impact resistant handle
IMPORTANT: Use only Weller tips. Use of non-Weller component causes damage to the unit
Fine quality consumer iron
Replaceable copper tip
Stainless steel barrel and heat and impact resistant handle

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Applications=Hobby Work; Stained Glass
Body Material=Stainless Steel
Operating Temp. [Nom]=900 ?F
Power Consumption [Nom]=120 W
Tip Finish=Iron
Tip Material=Copper
Tip Size [Nom]=1/2 in
Tip Type=Chisel
Voltage [Nom]=120 VAC
Wt.=1.08 lb